This page hosts the source code of software I have written over the years. I will also provide Windows installers for any applicable application, but many of them will require modification before they will be usable in your environment.

  • This python script reads a list of podcast feeds from an XML configuration file, and downloads the first enclosure. The script checks the feed to see if there is a TTL, if one is listed we collect it and mark our next poll time to be the current time + TTL. We also gather the item ID, so if the file is deleted after downloading we do not download it again.

    A sample configuration file is included for your convenience- the file format is plainly obvious. Simply modify the file to point to the feedlist.xml file location, and the destination for downloaded files.

    Last Updated - 2009/05/01


NOTE: I make no guarantee of the quality of this software. Modifying your Active Directory may be dangerous, and could result in permanent and unrecoverable errors! You should carefully review all of these application before compiling them, or using any portion of the source code.